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Artfolio van SylVie Art

SylVie Art

Lid sinds: 04/12/2008

Beschrijving: My source of inspiration are women of this time and age. I would like to think it embraces the primal impulses of art at the present time. It adheres to the figurative but with a freer, more expressionistic exploration of line and shape and colour. My arts and crafts are representing forms that are recognizably derived from life. With a twist of abstraction that cohere in the use of different materials, such as newspapers, medium paste and clay.. I am expressing the softness and the beauty of women and the hardness of the environment where people are located in. The thick layer of acrylic paint demonstrates the reality of life. Dark, melancholy colours fit the mood of the subjects, the shades, lines are united in shadows. Even so the background suggest the subject´s mood, generated in an explosive aura around them. Faces of women with eyes that peer right through you. The expression of the eyes is my soulful distinctive flavour, where I represent familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life. All my artworks are made by hand.

Trefwoorden: kunst art schilderijen vrouwen fiiguratief portret abstracht grafiek geometrisch mensen

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